Curriculum Committee

Chairperson: Mr. Shaun Holloran

The Curriculum Committee considers and makes recommendations concerning the District’s broad policies of education and research. This committee reviews major areas of curriculum development, regular/special education services, pupil assessment, long-term program review and program revisions. Committee members consider the Board’s priorities in curriculum areas. The Committee reports its findings to the Board and suggests programs and policy modifications that may be appropriate in curriculum and program areas. New program activities undertaken by the district, the implementation of new curricula, or the piloting of new programs are topics of particular interest. The Committee reviews research on the curriculum and program changes and reports its recommendations to the Board. The committee reviews proposals concerning student courses, ensure the Board’s familiarity with district educational programs, monitor achievements and cause the evaluation of education programs. The Deputy Superintendent and curriculum directors are ex officio members of this committee.

Specific responsibilities of this committee may include:

  • Conducts or coordinates curriculum studies undertaken by the Board;

  • Periodically reports to the Board on the status of the curriculum and suggests area in need of study;

  • Periodically studies and reports on student progress and on standardized test results;

  • Studies and recommends textbook usage;

  • Evaluates curriculum in view of school population trends;

  • Recommends budget changes in view of curriculum developments;

  • Assumes like responsibilities for extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

Curriculum Committee Meetings

Find the agendas and minutes from Curriculum Committee Meetings below. Past years' agendas and minutes can also be found below in the "Curriculum Committee Meeting Archive" folder.