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Workforce Diversity Statement
The Newington Public Schools is dedicated to recruiting, hiring, growing and retaining a culturally diverse workforce that represents the racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of our community - to challenge student achievement and realize equity for all in our schools.  To achieve this, we value and strive for the highest levels of: Family and Community Engagement; Culturally Relevant Organizational Practices; School Climate; Student-Centered Learning; Diverse Staff of Excellent Educators; Equitable Student Access; and Fiscal Equity.  We are interested in candidates who are passionate around these values; candidates who represent the racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of our community; and candidates who will engage fully in our continuous improvement efforts to achieve equity for all.

Equal Employment and Promotional Opportunity Statement:  The Newington Board of Education affirms a continuing policy of equal employment and promotional opportunities regardless of age, sex, race, color, religion, marital status, sexual preference, national origin, or disability. (Policy #2111)
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