Bus Routes

Transportation Policy - Under Newington Board of Education Policy, 3541(b), bus transportation is provided to:

  • All Kindergarten students receive transportation regardless of distance to the school.

  • Pupils in grades 1-4 who live a distance of .75 miles or more from the school to which they are assigned.

  • Pupils in grades 5-8 who live a distance of 1.25 miles or more from the school to which they are assigned.

  • Pupils in grades 9-12 who live 1.75 miles or more from Newington High School.

Important Information

  • All Kindergarten students are guaranteed bus transportation to school but are NOT guaranteed door to door transportation.  
  • Routes are subject to change without notice.
  • Updates will be posted on-line in addition to the transportation tab in your child's “Power School” account. 
  • We strongly encourage reviewing transportation information the days prior to school opening on August 31st, 2020.   
  • You can also view your child's bus stop and estimated time by logging into the PowerSchool website and selecting "Transportation" in the menu on the left. Please note that this information is not available on the app.


Elementary School Bus Routes

John Paterson Bus Routes 2020-2021

Anna Reynolds Bus Routes 2020-2021

Elizabeth Green Bus Routes 2020-2021

Ruth Chaffee Bus Routes 2020-2021

Information about creating a PowerSchool account was distributed at the end of the school year to current students and was recently mailed to parents/guardians of incoming Kindergarten students. If you did not receive this information, please contact the main office of your child's school. 

Middle School and High School Bus Routes

Newington High School Bus Routes 2020-2021

Middle School and Biomedical/Aerospace Academy Bus Routes 2020-2021