PRICING & Meal Prepayment

UPDATE - 2/15/2023:  School meals will remain free for all students for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year.
During the transition back to normal school operations in school year 2022-23, the Newington Public Schools District has opted in to the School Meals Assistance Revenue for Transition (SMART) funds providing meals (breakfast at NHS, JW & MK and lunch at all schools) at no cost for all students at the beginning of the school year. Please note that meals at no cost to all students are unlikely to last all year and are subject to the availability of district funds. Since the availability of meals at no cost will expire when all funds have been expended, it is critical that households submit a free and reduced-priced meal application as soon as possible to determine a student’s eligibility for this school year and avoid unpaid meal charges. 

Completing and submitting an application will allow the SMART funds to last longer thus making meals available to all students at no cost for as long as possible. The district will notify parents and guardians of the date (30 days notice) when students who are not directly certified or have no approved application on file will be expected to pay for their meals. Note: Households that do not submit a free or reduced-price application or whose child is not directly certified, will automatically default to full pay when the SMART funds conclude.

2022-2023 Meal Pricing:

NHS - $3.15
Middle Schools - $2.90
Elementary Schools - $2.65
Eligible Reduced Students - $0.40
Eligible Free Students - FREE  

NHS & Middle Schools - $1.50
Eligible Free & Reduced Students - FREE
Breakfast is NOT available at the elementary schools

In addition to the lunch choices, a number of snack items, such as cookies, ice cream, chips are available depending upon the school.  Healthier choices such as fresh fruit and vegetables, low-fat cheese sticks, yogurt, and milk are also available daily to purchase a la carte.  These snack items are intended to supplement and not to replace meal choices, as we encourage children to choose from the many meals available daily.

With EZSchoolPay you can view your child’s meal account balance and purchases, set spending limits, receive low balance email alerts, as well as, make deposits into school meal accounts via the internet using a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. EZSchoolPay is available from your device’s app store for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. A convenience fee of $1.95 per transaction will be charged when making online payments. Please note that you are not required to make online payments as cash and check payments are accepted in all cafeterias. The other features mentioned above are available to you at no cost. You must register for a free account on EZSchoolPay by visiting to get started. You will need an email address, school district name, and your child’s student ID number to register for an account.  Find additional information in the EZSchoolPay Registration Instructions and EZSchoolPay Parent-User How-To Guide.

How do I pre-pay for meals and/or a la carte items?

There are two ways to put money onto your child’s meal account:

  1. You may set up an account through and pre-pay online whatever dollar amount you choose using a credit or debit card. You will be charged a $1.95 convenience/bank fee. You may also elect to participate in a recurring payment feature that allows you to set a low balance amount that will automatically replenish your child’s account at that balance from your credit card.

  2. You may send in a check or cash to the school cafeteria. The food service staff will enter your check amount or cash amount into your child’s meal account. For safety purposes, we recommend that advanced payments be sent in the form of a check. Checks should be made payable to Newington School Cafeterias  (there is no fee for this method of payment). Please put your child’s full name and ID # on the check. All monies sent into the cafeteria can only be used for meals and a la carte purchases and cannot be used for any other school event(s).

How are funds that are deposited into my child’s account made available for purchases?

Funds are deposited and available to your child for the purchase of meals and a la carte foods in the cafeteria. There are no limitations as to what may be purchased or how many purchases can be made unless you set up spending limits through There is no cost to do this.

Please note: Cashiers do not have access to setup spending limits when deposits are received at the school. Parents must set these limits through With EZSchoolPay all pre-pay deposits are placed into a general meal account, unlike MYpaymentsPlus which had a meal account and general account.

How do I know the balance in my child’s account?

You can check your child’s account balance by registering your child on There is no cost to do this (you will need your child’s student identification number to do this; the number is the same number that was used in MyPaymentsPlus). Registering your child on EZSchoolPay does not mean that you have to make online payments through EZSchoolPay, however, it allows you to view the account balance at any time online, as well as, receive email reminders when the account balance gets below a dollar amount you select. It is strongly recommended that you sign up for email account balance reminders as this is the only method for parent notification when balances get low.

Can I view what my child has purchased for meals?

Yes, you can log onto and view what your child purchased (you must register your child on before using the purchase history feature).

How is my child’s account accessed during meal service?

During meal service, your child will need to enter his or her student identification number into a keypad in order to access his or her meal account. All students will input their student identification number into the system regardless of their meal status: paid, free, or reduced, or whether they have money on account or are paying cash. The keypad will be located at the end of the serving line near the cashier.

To help prevent mistakes and fraudulent use of student accounts, a digital image of your son or daughter’s picture will appear on the monitor for the cashier to view every time your child accesses his or her account. The only information displayed on the monitor is the student’s name, homeroom, grade, account balance, and picture.

Do I need to use all the money in my child’s account this school year?

No, any money left in your child’s account at the end of this school year will carry over to the next school year. Requests for refunds or account transfers must be made in writing to the Director of Foods & Nutrition Services.

Please do not hesitate to call the Foods & Nutrition Services Office at (860) 665-8635 or email [email protected] with any questions you may have.