Student Services

Our Programs/Students Served

- English Learners (EL)

- Early Childhood Students

- Special Education Students

Description of Our Program

Approximately 600 students, aged 3 through 21 years, participate in a variety of special education programs. A full spectrum of services and programs, consistent with federal and state laws, are provided in the following settings: Learning centers, work-study sites (in-school and community), general education (inclusion), out-of-district placements, and alternative education settings. There are two preschool special education programs, at John Paterson and Anna Reynolds, serving 2-5 year old children. 


EL – English Learners

The EL teacher focuses on providing instruction in the four English language skill areas, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Within this instruction, vocabulary building, grammar usage, and knowledge of American culture are stressed. Students receive small group instruction that gives them individualized attention and helps them to gain confidence. EL students are tested for proficiency level when they enter the program, throughout the year, and at the end of each year to determine progress, areas of strength and weakness, and exit eligibility. Additionally, the EL teacher is available to participate in team meetings.


Approximately 250 students, grades K-12 receive English Learner services. They are identified through the state-mandated Language Assessment Scales. The emphasis is on oral and written language and reading.


Child Find

In accordance with federal regulations, state and local board of education policy, Newington Public Schools assumes the responsibility for the location, identification, and referral of all children requiring special education and/or related services from birth through age 21.

Department Mission

  • To educate each student with disabilities to the maximum extent possible with age peers

  • To support each child's development to his/her maximum potential through the learning process

  • To support each child in making appropriate progress in all major developmental areas

  • To support each child in awareness of the vocational opportunities available and help the student acquire the necessary work habits and attitudes necessary for satisfactory career participation

  • To develop English language proficiency for students who are not English dominant

  • To provide appropriate experiences for gifted students to enhance their development

Newington Student Services

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