Executive Committee

Chairperson: Mrs. Amy Perrotti 

The Executive Committee is composed of the Board of Education Committee Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and a minority party member. The Chairperson of the Board is chairperson of the Executive Committee and appoints a secretary. In the interim between Board meetings, the Executive Committee is empowered to transact any business of which the Board is capable, except for those matters that would be in contravention of the laws of the United States. At each meeting of the Board, the proceedings and action taken by the Executive Committee since the last meeting of the Board are reported to the Board. This committee advises the school administration on personnel policy development, serves on contract negotiating teams, and assists the administration in reviewing staffing requirements.

The specific functions may include:

  • Recommends an evaluation system for various categories of personnel;

  • Implements the Superintendent’s evaluation program;

  • Provides the Chairpersons of the negotiating teams;

  • Recommends salary annually for the supervisory and confidential personnel;

  • Reviews staffing requirements periodically;

  • Reviews position descriptions and functional requirements periodically;

  • Provides the initial Board contact on all personnel and grievance matters;

  • Represents the Board in liaison sessions with the faculty and service units;

  • Recommends action to the entire Board that the committee deems appropriate for the Board to consider.


Executive Committee Meetings

Find the agendas and minutes from Executive Committee Meetings below. Past years' agendas and minutes can also be found below in the "Executive Committee Meeting Archive" folder.