School Menus

Meal Modification

Meal Modifications for students with disabilities are made on a case-by-case basis. All modifications are based upon the written recommendation (order) from a recognized medical authority.

Parents/guardians will need to have the Medical Statements for Meal Modifications in School Nutrition Programs Form completed and signed by a recognized medical authority.

Send all completed forms to the school nurse. The Director of Foods & Nutrition Services and the school nurse will review the form and will work with the parent/guardian to come up with a specific meal modification for their child.

For additional questions on meal modifications and allergy meal substitutions please contact us at [email protected]

2023-2024 Meal Pricing:

NHS - $3.40
Middle Schools - $3.40
Elementary Schools - $2.90
Eligible Reduced Students - FREE
Eligible Free Students - FREE  


NHS & Middle Schools - FREE
Breakfast is NOT available at the elementary schools

In addition to the lunch choices, a number of snack items, such as cookies, ice cream and chips are available depending upon the school.  Healthier choices such as fresh fruit and vegetables, low-fat cheese sticks, yogurt and milk are also available daily to purchase a la carte.  These snack items are intended to supplement and not replace meal choices, as we encourage children to choose from the many meals available daily. 

State & Federal Meal Planning Mandates

Meal Patterns for School Nutrition Programs

Meal Patterns for School Nutrition Preschool Lunch Programs

Cafeteria Mandates

Our school cafeterias are meeting tough federal nutrition standards for school meals, ensuring that meals are healthy and well-balanced and provide students with all the nutrition they need to succeed at school. Now is a great time to encourage your kids to choose school meals! 

The federal requirements include strict limits on the calories, saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium in school meals. We are meeting these nutrition standards by offering students a selection of low-fat and fat-free milk, larger portions of colorful fruits and vegetables, and a variety of whole grains and lean protein choices.

All lunches include five meal components:

  • A meat or meat alternative such as yogurt, lean beef, chicken, or low-fat cheese;

  • A grain such as whole-wheat bread or brown rice;

  • A fresh, dried, or canned fruit selection;

  • Raw or cooked vegetables in a variety of colors; and

  • Low-fat or fat-free milk selections.

At lunch, each student must select at least three of these five components on their tray to make a meal, including a fruit or vegetable. Preschool students must take all five meal components and are not permitted to decline any of the components. Students that do not take a fruit or vegetable will be charged a la carte pricing.  

All breakfasts include four food items from three meal components (available only at NHS, JW & MK):

  • A grain such as a whole-grain bagel, cereal, or muffin;

  • A fresh, dried, or canned fruit selection;

  • Low-fat or fat-free milk; and

  • An additional fruit or grain (meat or meat alternative such as low-fat cheese or yogurt may be substituted for one grain).

Our district will be encouraging students to try the new foods offered this school year.  Every student needs to be prepared to select at least one fruit or vegetable with their lunch every day.  We are planning our menus to include selections we know students like, as well as many different foods they may not have tried before. Please encourage your child to try these new foods. FREE SAMPLES are available upon request. They might just find a new favorite!

We look forward to serving your child this school year and we welcome your feedback regarding our menus and selections. We are always working to offer Newington students healthier and tastier choices.