Mask Mandate Update - 2/8/2022

Mask Mandate Update - 2/8/2022
Posted on 02/09/2022

Good Evening Staff, Parents, and Guardians,

I am receiving numerous inquiries about the status of the mask mandate in schools in light of the Governor’s recent press conference. Below please find an update I received today from the Commissioner of Education:


Sent on behalf of Commissioner Russell-Tucker

Dear Superintendents and Heads of Schools,

As you are aware, Governor Lamont held a press conference yesterday announcing his intention to request that the General Assembly extend the school and early-childcare mask mandate through February 28, 2022.  

Earlier today, the legislature held a public hearing on possibly extending 11 of the Governor’s Executive Orders, including the school and early-childcare mask mandate. A recording of the hearing will be available on CT-N soon. The House is scheduled to address this issue on Thursday, February 10, 2022, with the Senate convening next Monday, February 14, 2022, for the same purpose. 

Please be advised that until this legislative process is complete, school districts and schools must continue to comply with current masking requirements, which remain in effect through February 15, 2022.  Should the legislature vote to extend mandatory school masking through February 28, 2022, or some later date, school districts and schools will be required to continue to comply with this legislation.     

In anticipation of the eventual expiration of statewide mask mandates, the Connecticut State Department of Education will work in close collaboration with the Department of Public Health to provide updated guidance regarding mask wearing, quarantine and isolation, social distancing, ventilation, and other appropriate mitigation strategies. 

Once I hear definitive news about the Legislative and Commissioner’s respective decisions, I will keep you fully informed about the impact to our school community.

Have a good evening,

Maureen Brummett, Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools