Update to COVID Quarantining Protocol

Update to COVID Quarantining Protocol
Posted on 10/22/2021

Updated: NPS Guidelines for EXPOSURE of Unvaccinated Staff and Students

Effective immediately, the NPS school district will be shifting from the 10-day quarantine to the CDC approved 7-day quarantine for staff and students who have been exposed to COVID-19 (and able to successfully quarantine from the close contact).  We are making this decision based on our own district data that shows minimal cases of exposed individuals testing positive after an exposure as well as the opportunity for students to miss fewer days of in person instruction.

When an entire elementary class is quarantined this rule will not apply. For instructional purposes all students should return at the same time,  

Your student(s) quarantine can possibly end after day 7 IF the following apply: 

1) Your student has had no symptoms of COVID-19 during the whole 7-day quarantine (day 0 is the day of exposure); AND

2) A negative PCR (SARS-CoV-2) test is obtained on day 5 or later (school nurse will provide the date at the time of quarantine) and a negative test result has been received; AND

a) The quarantine period does not end before 7 days, even if a negative test  result was obtained earlier.

b) If a test result is still pending on Day 7, the student cannot return to school  until that negative result is received by the school nurse.

3) Daily symptom monitoring continues after 7 days for an additional 7 days (days 8–14). If any symptoms develop, immediately contact your school nurse, The quarantine may resume and the nurse will advise you on next steps.

The school nurse will provide the parent of the earliest date that a PCR test can be obtained. Any test done prior to this date will not be accepted. A rapid COVID-19 test will not be accepted. The PCR results must be submitted to the school nurse PRIOR to the student returning to school/school activities/sports. Once reviewed and approved, a return to school date will be provided by the school nurse. Do not send your student to school without prior approval from the school nurse. If you do not wish for your child to be tested, then s/he will need to remain out of school for the full 10 days.

We hope that this change of protocol will provide less disruption to your child’s educational program, while still keeping our school community safe. Please contact your school nurse if you have any questions. 

Have a great weekend.

Be well, 

Maureen Brummett, Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools