New Student Registration

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To register, please review and follow the process below.

Complete the online registration form. You will need to sign up with an active email account to use the online registration system. Be sure to save your account information in case you need to return. If you do not have online access, you may visit the Lucy Robbins Welles Library or make an appointment through our Residency Office for Welcome Center support. Registration for high school students requires an additional appointment with the School Counseling Department. For questions regarding the online registration forms please contact our Residency Office at (860) 666-5611 ext 1131. 

Prior to registering your student, please make sure that you have your residency and medical documents below. 

Residency Verification: The following documents are required for residency verification and can be uploaded through the online registration:

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate (long form) or passport

  • Mortgage agreement or mortgage payment book with address (if you own) OR current lease agreement, rent receipt, name of landlord and phone number (if you rent)

  • Parent/Legal Guardian Connecticut driver’s license or Photo ID with your name

  • AND a copy of two of the following items showing a Newington address:

    • Current utility bill (i.e., gas, electricity, phone, cable, car payment)

    • Auto insurance policy and current registration, if leased, payment booklet

    • Homeowner’s insurance policy with current address

    • Current and active bank/checking account with name/address

Residency Verification By Appointment: 
Please contact our Residency Office at Newington High School. Appointment hours are 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Medical Documentation Required: 
 Registration will NOT be complete until the school nurse medically clears your child.  The following medical documents are required to meet this requirement:

Click here to register a new student for the 2024-25 school year

If you have any questions regarding the online registration forms or the residency process, please contact the district's Residency Office at (860) 666-5611 ext. 1131.


Determine and Contact Your Elementary School: Review the elementary school district map to find out what elementary school your child will attend based on your address or contact our Residency Office at (860) 666-5611 ext. 1131.

Newington Public Schools Residency Office & Welcome Center

Newington High School

605 Willard Avenue

Newington, CT 06111

(860) 666-5611 ext. 1131