First Case of COVID -19 at Newington High

First Case of COVID -19 at Newington High
Posted on 09/09/2020

Good evening NPS Parents and Guardians, 

Earlier today, I was notified that  a member of the Newington High School  community has tested positive for COVID-19. All staff and students who were in the same room with this individual have been personally notified. The positive news is that both Dr. Doug MacGilpin, Town Medical Advisor, and Charles Brown, Health District Director, concur that since all our mitigation protocols were solidly in place and followed, no further action is needed. The individual who tested positive will need to quarantine for 10 days.

I am pleased to report that the safety and mitigation  protocols that we have established in the Newington High School and NPS community worked as intended. 

Thank you and please enjoy the rest of the Labor Day Weekend.

Maureen Brummett, Ed.D